Race Boat Restorations Finished

The following race boats have been restored:

  • Needle Nose
    38' Bertram
  • Natural Light
    38' Bertram
    New Name: Bertram Competition 38
  • Michelob Light
    38' Scarab
  • Powerboat Magazine Special
    39' Cigarette
  • Bounty Hunter
    39' Cigarette
  • Popeye's
    45' Cougar
  • K&L Insurance
    47' Apache


Dry Martini

Formula 233
23 ft. The Cigarette


The Other Woman


Great Adventure


Kiekhaefer Aeromarine
36' Cigarette


Slap Shot
36' Cigarette
New Name: Dirty Pearl


BERTRAM Needle Nose
38 ft. Bertram





We contacted Phil Lewis and sent him some of these photos. He was able to give the owner some clues as to what to look for to make sure it was his boat. If you look on the deck in the photo that shows the transom, you will notice two patches that don't match the color of the deck. Phil told us that on his boat, he drilled holes for exhaust vents in the shape of the letter N on both sides ... Needle Nose.

Phil Lewis even provided photos of the model he had made of the boat showing the two letter N's he described. Phil's boat was also set up with staggered engines using TRS sterndrives, which this boat has.





These photos show the boat as it is being cleaned up. Here you can see the bilge before clean-up.

... The bilge during clean-up.



... The bilge after clean-up and fresh paint.

The engine is set in place.


BERTRAM Natural Light - Bertram Special



Here is an example of a recently completed restoration. This 38 foot Bertram was owned and raced by Preston Henn as Natural Light. The boat has been restored to the livery of the Bertram Racing team colors and number, as raced by Sammy James and Jack Stuteville.

The owner completed a beautiful restoration to the boat in this well done red and white color scheme.



This is how the bolsters were redone from full racing to semi passenger type.





Here is the actual boat driven by Sammy James.





The famous MICHELOB LIGHT has recently been purchased by a new owner and is being completely restored back to its original livery.

The engine room of MICHELO LIGHT being readied for a new set of powerful engines. The neat rigging is an original of Richie Powers, HORBA Board member. Nnotice how the wiring is hidden from view under the tanks and engine placement ... he kept it clean.



The exhaust exited out through the deck rather than the transom. This enabled the drives to be set much higher.

The dash area shows the gold anodized aluminum of the original MICHELOLB LIGHT color scheme.



Under the deck, the bulkheads can be seen as a testament to the quality that Larry Smith used when buildng his famous Scarab race boats.

The entire hull has been sanded to prepare it for the MICHELOB LIGHT paint scheme.


Bounty Hunter
39' Cigarette


K&L Insurance
47 ft. Apache






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