Race Boat Restoration Donations

How does HORBA go about a restoration of an old offshore race boat?

Take a look at the people on our Board. The combined experiences of our Board members in designing, building, rigging, racing, maintaining and transporting offshore race boats is something that can never be matched by any other organization in the world.

Our combined history of success, is based on our only using the very best in materials, parts and people to achieve our goals. That is exactly the same way we are approaching these restorations. That is why we have chosen INNOVATION MARINE of Sarasota, Florida to act as our General Contractor in the restorations of The Cigarette and the BENIHANA.

The Cigarette


HORBA and Innovation Marine will sort out the many subcontractors and parts suppliers that could possibly be used in this work... and in the end only the best of the very best will be chosen. We honor both the memory of the men who raced these boats and their competitors from the 1960's and 1970's... men who faced the open oceans of the world with basic equipment and somehow managed to master the ocean on that day, over those race courses. These boats will be totally restored from glass work and replacement of wooden structural areas, to paint, lettering, upholstery work, engine and drive building, prop selection and finally rigging.

Follow our restorations as they progress and watch closely the parts that we choose to use on these very special boats with such a rich history in our sport.

These boats will form the educational and public relations department of HORBA and its many members. They will travel all over the country, and perhaps the world, to educate the public about the era of real open ocean racing. They will be seen at race sites, poker runs, boat shows and special dealer display events.

Find out more about how you can help with the restorations of these two boats...


Thank You For Your Support!


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